Compare head-to-head WPCacheOn vs other WordPress caching plugins

You may be aware or not but your website loading speed is crucial when it comes to ranking your website in Google. Making your website load faster is important for both search engines and all of the users. Let’s face it, nobody likes slow websites! It is proven that the faster websites makes the visitors happy. Also when a website is slow the users will spend less time there. WPCacheOn is here to help you and improve your website loading speed, we are dedicated to optimize the performance of your website and reduce the loading time!

On the Chart 1 below you can see tests performed on different hosts with the same websites (content, theme, plugins and configuration) and different caching plugins:

As you can see the difference in the loading time with the WPCacheOn is significantly improved compared to other plugins!

Still not convinced? See below even more reasons why people choose us and trust their website loading speed on the WPCacheOn plugin:

  • Incredibly easy “plug and play” interface. That’s right to make your website loading faster just install WPCacheOn and activate it
  • Regular updates to ensure secure and optimized code with 100% compatibility with the latest WordPress and PHP versions
  • Using native WordPress action hooks, making WPCacheOn explicitly lightweight
  • Regular and knowledgeable support, we answer to all inquiries in up to 4 hours
  • WPCacheOn is free and as good as the paid plugins
  • See even more features here