What are the lead features of WPCacheOn?

The main features of the WPCacheOn plugin are:

  • Extremely efficient and fast disk cache engine, even greater results with SSD based servers
  • Very convenient displaying of the cache size in the admin dashboard
  • Automated and manual clearing of the cache
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript minification
  • Deactivate caching for specific page
  • Purge the cache for specific page
  • WordPress Multisite support
  • Custom Post Type support
  • CSS and JavaScript inline
  • PHP 7.4 compatible
  • HTTP/2 Focused
  • Expiry Directive

*WPCacheOn allow serving WebP images without JavaScript providing full support for srcset since WordPress 4.4. WebP is an image format that provides lossless compression for images on the web. WebP lossless images are roughly 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs. Dev information about WebP here. Note this feature is still not released.

The WPCacheOn plugin creates static HTML files and preserve them on the server. Server will deliver the HTML file and preserve the resource such as CPU and RAM. Additionally reducing the backend processes. This WordPress cache plugin will improve the performance of your website.

This is how a WordPress based website works without caching:

Fig. 1: WordPress without cache plugin

There are six steps:

  1. Visitors access your WordPress website
  2. The client request is generating PHP request
  3. PHP is requesting information from the database service (MySQL)
  4. Once the requests from PHP and MySQL are processed on the server
  5. They are rendered as HTML content page
  6. Your website visitor review the page (HTML page)

With WPCacheOn these steps are lowered to its possible maximum to ensure faster loading website (the kind everybody likes and visit often), see the following diagram:

Fig. 2: WordPress loading with enabled WPCacheOn plugin

As you can see from the graph the steps are double reduced to only these:

  1. Visitors access your WordPress website
  2. Request hit the WPCacheOn cached files
  3. The requested page of your website is already displayed on the visitor device

The WPCacheOn has the ability to create two cached files. First is in plain HTML and the second file is gzipped (gzip level 9). Those static files are used to deliver content faster to your website visitors without any database lookups or gzipping because the files are already precompressed. Impressed? Install and activate WPCacheOn plugin for your website and experience faster loading of your website NOW!