WordPress 5.2 and WPCacheOn 1.2.4

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Are you ready for WordPress 5.2? Because WPCacheOn is ready!

WordPress 5.2 will be the second major release of the application in 2019, there are plans to be included features like Site Health Check, new block directory, and
PHP error protection.

According to the release schedule on the WordPress.org website the target date for release of WordPress 5.2 is May 7, 2019.

There are also many “under the hood improvements” in WordPress 5.2 for the developers:

  • Users will be able to provide a log file path when adding the “WP_DEBUG_LOG” directive in the wp-config.php file. #18391
  • Plugins will be able to specify the minimum required PHP version. #40934
  • Dashicons, the default icon font used for the WordPress admin area will have 25 new icons to use. #41074
Click here to see the “Under the hood improvements Of WordPress 5.2

[UPDATED] Strange symbols on your website EXPLAINED and RESOLVED with WPCacheOn!

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BIG UPDATE: Hey, hey this issue is completely resolved in the latest version of the WPCacheOn plugin 1.2.0! Upgrade the plugin NOW and this issue will be fixed! More information on the changes from the latest update on the Changelog page.

If you are still able to notice this issue after the update to 1.2.0, feel free to contact us for further support!

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