Cache and PreCache in WordPress

Cache with WordPress and WPCache
Cache, WordPress and WPCacheOn PreCache

What is cache? How does the cache work? How cache will speed up my website? What is a PreCache and why it is better than regular cache? In this guide we cover all of these questions. You will also understand why you need cache for your WordPress website and what is the WPCacheOn PreCache new feature.

What is cache?

In the computer world cache can be a hardware or software type. That cache stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster. As we create WordPress cache plugin we will review the software cache type.

How does the cache work? How cache will speed up my website?

A cache hit occurs when the requested data can be found in the already created cache, while a cache miss occurs when there is no cache generated, yes it is that simple. For web page cache to be created first the web page should be accessed. Then on the second visit the requested content is served by reading data from the already generated cache. This is making your website loading faster as all of the files requiring to compile show the already cached data in HTML format which is displayed in the user’s browser. Knowing this information we can conclude that the more requests are served from the cache the faster your website performs.

To be cost-effective and to enable efficient use of data, cache is usually relatively small in matter of disk space.

What is a PreCache and why it is better than regular cache?

The WPCacheOn PreCache generate cache of your website right after the activation. This means that there is no need someone to access your website, experience the first slow loading and then on the second visit the website to load fast from the cache. You can see this clearly in the next image:

WPCacheOn PreCache speeding up your website with creating HTML cached copy.

On the above image you can see the life cycle of user request all the way from the first click to access your website to the last step generating of an HTML page and serving it to the user browser. 

Without WordPress cache plugin such as WPCacheOn there is no generated cache by default. This means that every request is compiling PHP, executing MySQL queries on the server and generating an HTML page. Only then serving the content to the website visitor. With WPCacheOn and the generated cache of your website, the user receive directly the HTML page. This makes your website load instantly.

With the new PreCache system we are eliminating the need of first slow access on the website. As soon as the WPCacheOn is activated the WordPress plugin start to generate cache of your website. This means that the first user visit of your website will experience blazing fast loading speed and the website will load from the already pre-generate cache.

There are no free WordPress cache plugins with such feature. In future the WPCacheOn PreCache feature will remain free and will be even more improved, so stay tuned for new updates!

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